Take the quiz

Take the quiz

In order to take the Top Technician 2018 or Top Garage 2018 quiz you first need to register.


You will need to enter your email address, and you then create your own password.

Once you have signed up you will be asked to fill in some details.

Once you have done this you can choose which quiz you wish to take. To select the correct quiz, pick the relevant code and enter it.

For Top Technician choose:  tt18rd1-a

For Top Garage choose: tg18rd1-a 

Then scroll down the page and click the “take test” button.

You will have 60 minutes to answer the 30 multiple choice questions, and this must be done before 28 February 2018.  If you are selected you will be invited to enter the second round – so please make sure your email address is correct!

Good luck!