Top Technician 2017 launches

Top Technician 2017 launches

Top Technician 2017 has launched with an online quiz, giving technicians the chance to explore any areas they feel they need to improve upon in their profession.

The quiz is made up of 30 multiple choice questions and has a time limit of an hour, although this should easily be achievable. Entrants will receive the full answers list after the competition closes on March 13th, 2017. Those with a high score will then be invited to take the next stage of the Top Technician online rounds.

Along with the quiz, a new website has also been launched. Top Technician Onilne ( will feature news from the competition and the industry in general, technical information from supporters, features and a forum, where registrants can swap stores, discuss ideas or just talk about anything on their minds.

Commenting on the launch of Top Technician 2017, Aftermarket Magazine Editor Phil Curry said: “It may not be long since we wrapped up this year’s competition (2016) but the show must go on! We want to bring the practical stages forward for 2017 and this means launching in December to give people a chance to have a go.

Top Technician is, first and foremost, a chance to see where you need to brush up on, if indeed you do. There is no pressure, we won’t tell anyone your results and we will only mention you if you make it to the practical semi-final – at which point you should be shouting about it yourself! You have nothing to lose by giving the quiz a go.”

Those interested in taking the quiz should register by visiting and clicking the appropriate area.